From TAMblog: “For the Record: The Zeis Studio Flash”

Over the past 5 years or so, I have been doing my best to seek out information about historic tattooers and places of tattoo infamy… you gotta know where you came from to get where you’re going.  That said, I have always found Milton Zeis to be an interesting, albeit relatively unknown, figure in tattoo history (that is, unknown to folks outside of the craft of tattooing).  He pioneered a lot of the things we as tattooers take for granted today, such as ready-made colored flash sheets, mail-order supply shops, etc.

The link below comes to you courtesy of Tattoo Artist Magazine’s Blog–via Chuck Eldridge and the good folks at Tattoo Archive–and gives a bit of a crash course on Milton’s flash.  There is more information to be found about Mr. Zeis by checking out his page on tattoo archive >HERE<.  One thing that I found particularly interesting is the origin of the name “pork chop flash”… I had always thought that it was named as such because the images were often cut out from tan colored paper and posted on black, creating a likeness to the shape of a pork chop.  Read the link below to find out why!

For the Record: The Zeis Studio Flash

Also, if any of you are feeling generous, I would certainly accept a donation of the book on Mr. Zeis, “Milton H Zeis: Tattooing As You Like It” due out soon, from Yellow Beak Press ;)  Check out the promo video below!


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