Some old BS…

Man, it has been so long since I have updated/posted!… That was for you Shawn ;)

OK, silliness aside, I wanted to post this watercolor that took me a looooong time to complete… and then it has taken me even longer to share it seems.  Today I finally scanned it in, since pictures of it were just not coming out well… blurry, overexposed, underexposed, the page was too curled from the water, etc.

I am pretty proud of it, as I haven’t spent a whole lot of time actually doing watercolor painting in the traditional flash manner (often referred to as “spit-shading”).  It’s a lot different from the studies I have been involved in as of late but, for some reason, I still love traditional tattoo stuff.  I am finding that I like the blend of modern art/tattoo theories and studies with traditional looking stuff even more than just plain ol’ throwback traditional art/tattoos.  Strange how ones tastes evolve and change constantly.


The strangest thing about the scan of this is that the purple areas are actually a vibrant blue in the original… but that is the ONLY color that came out different.  My photoshop manipulation skills are not so great, so it would likely take me all day to figure out how to get it to look like the original ;)

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I REALLY like that, Justin. So…you think you can design a Crow tattoo for me? I want it on my left shoulder….????? I’ve waited forever to find an artist that could do it. Your watercolor is stunning!

    • Are you not sure of it being on the left shoulder? LOL, that’s a LOT of question marks!

      For sure I can do that. Send me an image or two you like and I will see what I can whip up!

      Thanks for the compliment!

      • Oh, definitely want it on my left shoulder – lol The question marks were for whether you might want to do it! Thanks for letting me know you will! I’ll send you something – prolly FB message.

  2. You might end up getting better color repro by photographing your art, duder. There are DIY plans out there for setting up your own lightbox, and using a good quality camera with it will give you a much better image of your art.

    • Thanks Shawn, I’ll look into it! I was just getting all sorts of issues with photographing this one. The page bowing from water was the biggest… I couldn’t get a good crop once I imported it to photoshop. I kept having to cut off some of the actual painting or getting some of the table or whatever it was laying on.

      Aside from the blue turning purple, it all looks like it does in the original.

      A quality camera is on the wish list currently hahaha!

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