Big Thangs…

NEWS!  Big NEWS!!!

On November 17th, I will be relocating back to my beloved Gem City, DAYTON, OH!

On an even bigger news front, I will be going back to tattooing with my dear friend, mentor and all around tattoo badass Chad Wells (as well as the phenomenal Matt Clemmer)!  I will be taking appointments at Wells & Co. Custom Tattoo and laying down some tattoo wizardry myself :)

You can also reach me at my Facebook page, or by emailing me at my email address found there in.

In other news, keep a look out for other projects from yours truly coming up, like the art screen printing shop I am starting with my main homie Tim… it’s called Cheap Thrills, more details soon.

You can also pick up my first printed work, a t-shirt that I designed for my friends, Dayton Psychobilly Monsters THE LOVELESS!  You can get one by contacting them by clicking the link above, or by contacting me. Check the pic below!

Thanks for all of your support and thanks, as always, for stopping by!

Maybeline, Why Can’t You Be True…

So this is kind of art, kind of not art.  In either case, I figure it’s my blog, so I will share it anyways ;)

Here’s what’s been taking up some of my time this summer, and I finally finished it up and got it out on the road.  It’s a 1962 (maybe 1961) Firestone Speed Cruiser.  I got it as restored as I possibly could, short of trying to duplicate the coulors and repaint it… I decided that I didn’t want that misery in my life ;) beyond that, there’s something cool about having EVERYTHING be original parts and paint.

It was my mom’s from when she was a kid… I think it’s pretty rare nowadays to get something that is vintage that has only had one previous owner.  In our throw-away society, it seems even more rare that these classic items exist.








Oh, and I named her Maybeline, one of my favorite Chuck Berry tunes :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Machine Head…

More tinkering to share.

This was a Green Monster “Build It Yourself” machine kit that I got a few years back.  The first picture is from Eikon’s site and is what the machine looks like built with no modifications or changes.

The second photo is after I went to work on the frame with a drill, sand paper and a metal file.  I think I broke two of the smallest drill bits whilst punishing this hunk o’ metal… sorry dad ;)

The last picture is after I painted it a mellow yellow and rebuilt everything.  I am calling it the “Swiss Monster” now.  My current power setup for my rotary machines uses an 1/8″ headphone-style cable, so I added a converter to the machine, and voila she works! ( I also added one to my Mickey Sharpz Microdial)

I tuned this machine not back to the color shader that it was supposed to be originally (my long stroke Neotat Rotary throws that down pretty well), but went by Joshua Carlton’s setup for a smooth, fast-running black and gray shader from his “In The Studio” DVDs.  I am excited to see how it works out for me.

I am pretty well sold on using rotary machines, but I am always fascinated by coil machine work and tuning.  I still would like to learn more and play around with it in the future.

Thanks for stopping by!

Maintained Electric…

I have always been fascinated by engineering and electronic junk.  What’s more is that I have ALWAYS been a tinkerer… I was always taking stuff apart as a kid and I still do to this day.  Sometimes to see how it works, sometimes to see if I can copy it, and other times to see if I could repair something rather than throw it away (don’t get me started on how much I abhor our throw-away culture!).  I was even a bio-engineering major in college originally, but math and I didn’t quite see eye to eye.

I decided recently to see if I could manufacture a maintained electric switch for my tattoo setup.  I had read a blog written by Markus Lenhard on Tattoo Artist Magazine’s AMAZING blog not too long ago about the negatives of using the typical maintained foot switch (also check out this blog written by Durb Morrison on the side-effects he has sustained as a result of tattooing).  Both blogs were enough to make me really think about ergonomics and what I could do to improve tattooist health for myself and my friends.

Below are photographs of the results.  It works amazingly.


I am currently drafting up a tabletop design of a maintained switch for my friend (and one of my biggest influences) Ryan Speed.  Once I get that all finished up, I will be sure to post pictures of that as well.

Thanks for stopping by!



Busy B…

I swear I haven’t left you… all three of you… I have been busy making art and creating and doing all sorts of stuff! Plus my new joe-job that has been keeping me kinda busy. But it is all GOOD. I am making money and working towards getting back to my tattoo starting point of Dayton, OH and getting back to rocking the rotaries again (possibly even some *gasp* converted and rebuilt coil machines!)!

I have plenty of stuff to share, some paintings, some sketches, a finished logo, a rebuilt tattoo machine and a restored 1962 Firestone Speedcruiser bicycle!

I would have it all up today, but (wait for the excuse…) I spent all day shooting pix and photoshopping stuff to sell for me mum on craigslist and ebay…

Stay tuned and new goodness is on the way soon!

Check out my new hairs for now!

Dead sexy, right?

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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