Mega Update…

So yeah… it’s been forever (again) since I updated this thing… I could ramble off a list of excuses from lack of wanting to spend time on the net, to my computer dying on me.  While those are certainly true, the main reason is that I have just been busy working, playing music and enjoying life!

So on with the show!  Here’s a bunch of stuff I have done since our last meeting:

Rework of an old apprentice tattoo I did... done on a trip to Chicago

Rework of an old apprentice tattoo I did… done on a trip to Chicago

Chevy badge and my first stab at realism

Chevy badge and my first stab at realism

Hebrew text

Hebrew text

Start of a vulture half sleeve

Start of a vulture half sleeve

Start of an octopus/skull half sleeve

Start of an octopus/skull half sleeve

Start of a half sleeve

Start of a half sleeve

Kelli WEB


Lettering on a foot

Lettering on a foot

Logo for my band The Loveless... graphite/marker

Logo for my band The Loveless… graphite, marker

Logo for a local salon... graphite/marker

Logo for a local salon… graphite, marker

New personal logo/band logo

New personal logo/band logo… Dr. Martin’s Watercolor, marker

A love letter I made for my lady for our first anniversary... Dr. Martin's Watercolor, marker, graphite

A love letter I made for my lady for our first anniversary… Dr. Martin’s Watercolor, marker, graphite


Thanks for stopping by!!!  I promise I won’t stay gone that long again!!!


Old New Art…

I have been meaning to get this and a few other pieces up on this here blog for a lil while now, but, wouldn’t ya know it, I have been busy :)

This watercolor painting was inspired (yet again) by old time tattoo shop signage… this time, instead of fixing black eyes, the barber shop customer waiting was alerted to the fact that he could get tattooed while waiting for his turn to get a haircut.  I have never actually seen an original sign for this offer, but I am still searching diligently to find one.

I tried some new things on this painting and am pleased with the overall results.  This is going to be part of a mini flash set I intend to use for promotional materials.  Keep it locked here or my Facebook page for more info.

Thanks for stopping by!

Old School…

Here’s a painting I completed a little while back.  The inspiration came from watching Marcus Kuhn’s web series “Gypsy Gentleman”  If you have yet to check it out, do so, you won’t regret it.

Kuhn does a great job explaining a piece of old sailor tattooing that is seemingly going to be forgotten to the depths of history.  As I have said previously, I have a huge love and appreciation for history, especially when it comes to tattooing and punk rock.

What’s cool about this post (from my perspective) is that I have progress shots to show you how I work (minus all of the sloppy paint dripping and cursing)… It is rare that I have several shots of a painting or project to show you how it goes.

Enough jibber-jabber, check ’em out!


Thanks for stopping by!

Busy B…

I swear I haven’t left you… all three of you… I have been busy making art and creating and doing all sorts of stuff! Plus my new joe-job that has been keeping me kinda busy. But it is all GOOD. I am making money and working towards getting back to my tattoo starting point of Dayton, OH and getting back to rocking the rotaries again (possibly even some *gasp* converted and rebuilt coil machines!)!

I have plenty of stuff to share, some paintings, some sketches, a finished logo, a rebuilt tattoo machine and a restored 1962 Firestone Speedcruiser bicycle!

I would have it all up today, but (wait for the excuse…) I spent all day shooting pix and photoshopping stuff to sell for me mum on craigslist and ebay…

Stay tuned and new goodness is on the way soon!

Check out my new hairs for now!

Dead sexy, right?

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Have you seen this!?!?

It might be old news to some, but I’ve been meaning to post this guy’s stuff on facebook for a while, and I thought this blog was an appropriate format to share these videos of his SUPERHUMAN work…

I don’t know much about him, other than that he is in Nikko, Japan, according to several of the videos uploaders.  If you know anything about him, let me know in the comments… I’d love to know more!





Go ahead… watch each a few times.  I know I did and I am STILL amazed and stumped on how he does it!

Thank you to the respective videographers/uploaders for sharing these insane videos!


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