Busy B…

I swear I haven’t left you… all three of you… I have been busy making art and creating and doing all sorts of stuff! Plus my new joe-job that has been keeping me kinda busy. But it is all GOOD. I am making money and working towards getting back to my tattoo starting point of Dayton, OH and getting back to rocking the rotaries again (possibly even some *gasp* converted and rebuilt coil machines!)!

I have plenty of stuff to share, some paintings, some sketches, a finished logo, a rebuilt tattoo machine and a restored 1962 Firestone Speedcruiser bicycle!

I would have it all up today, but (wait for the excuse…) I spent all day shooting pix and photoshopping stuff to sell for me mum on craigslist and ebay…

Stay tuned and new goodness is on the way soon!

Check out my new hairs for now!

Dead sexy, right?

Thanks for stopping by!!!

The Abyss, continued…

As stated a few moons ago (before work, health issues, excuses got in the way blah blah blah), I didn’t put a background on the logo drafted up for my brother’s band, namely because I wanted to try my hand out at some things I have learned about Photoshop.

With the band possibly on indefinite hiatus, I decided to work the design up as a business card.  If they get it going again, we’ll just share, because that’s what brothers do, right?

Anyways, check it out!

Thanks for stopping by!



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